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What is Your Style?

We combine traditional, photo-journalistic and romantic photography for your wedding. We do this to give you a wide range of photos for you to enjoy.

Do you shoot in mostly color, black and white, or both?

We shoot mainly in color, however with our online viewing, you can change the colors to black and white or sepia. We also will change up to 50 photos for you at no charge if you so desire. In addition, for a minor fee, can have a photographer that will only photograph black and whites.

Does your company shoot digital images?

We only shoot digital.

Will you have an assistant at the wedding? Will they shoot too?

It really depends on the package you choose, most do have and assistant and yes they do shoot as well.

Can we give the photographer a list of shots that we want?

Yes you certainly can! We do have a list we follow but welcome your requests.

Are we meeting with the person who will be photographing my wedding or can I meet them?

Absolutely! We feel that it is the utmost importance that you meet the photographer photographing your wedding.

Is our wedding the only wedding he or she will be shooting that day?

We have a team of 4 photographers and yes we are only assigned to 1 wedding per day.

What type of equipment will you be using? Will the lighting be intrusive?

We bring approximately $10,000 worth of equipment (with backups) to your wedding. We do use off camera lighting, however we place it in a non-intrusive place while shooting. We primarily use Nikon Equipment.

How long will it take to get our proofs?

Generally 3-6 weeks, however, we pride ourselves on over delivering and many times get them to you faster.

Will the photographer watermark my proofs? And what size will they be?

No, we do have a copyright notice embeded in the image that you cannot see, however, we share these with you. We give you the full resolution images.

Can we keep the digital negatives or can I buy them?

For our weddings only, we share all copyrights and provide you with all of the high resolution images on DVD.

What are your rates?

We actually are very reasonable, we do like to talk with you but are happy to send you our rates when asked. We do not post them on our website currently.

What time will the photographer arrive and how long will they stay?

We discuss that with you when we meet. Every situation is different and unique, we do not like to generalize.

Is there an overtime fee?

We have collections that last all day and collections that are smaller in time. The ones that are smaller, if you would like extra time, there will be a charge.

What will the photographer and assistant wear?

We generally dress in long sleeve or short sleeve dress shirts (depending on time of year) and black pants. We are professionals and dress appropriately for your special day.

Is the wedding album included in your collections? Are parent albums included?

Many of our collections do include the album and some with parent albums , but not all. We also offer them A La Carte.

How many photos are included in the album and what layout will be used?

When we meet with you, we show you examples and discuss this.

Can I look at a complete wedding album your company has shot?

Absolutely, we have one posted online, also we show you multiple examples when we meet you.

Can I custom design my own collection?


Do you keep a backup of the images after the wedding?

Yes, we keep 2 backups of your precious images until we are done editing, then we back them up to our external hard drives for safe keeping.

Thus far, we have every wedding stored that we have ever photographed.