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Wedding Sessions

The big day is almost here – after all the planning and preparation, you want to know that your photographer can truly capture the beauty and love and essence of your wedding.

CCS Photography has been providing professional quality wedding services for the last 10 years.We go the extra mile to make sure that you will remember your wedding day fondly. We offer many different collections to suit every wedding and can provide storybook wedding albums as well as customized collections unique to your wishes.

Choosing the Right Photographer

You want to be as informed as you can before choosing your photographer to determine if he or she is the right fit for your vision of your wedding day. After all, you are making a considerable investment in your wedding photos. Being comfortable with your selection will allow you to be more comfortable on the day of your wedding, and will show in your photographs.

  • Select a photographer with whom you have a great connection (as you will be spending the whole day with them)
  • Select a photographer whose work you visually enjoy
  • Select a photographer whose personality matches well with your own
  • Select a photographer who specializes in weddings

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer

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At CCS Photography, we not only take your photographs; we capture the essence of your love, relationship, wedding, and ceremony!